Wenlock Spring switches to 50% recycled plastic bottles in 2018

Wenlock Spring is switching to bottles made with 50% recycled plastic content.

The company says it is introducing the change before political policy, taxes or green incentives make such measures compulsory.

The 50% recycled plastic bottles will launch in April 2018 incorporating a new design showcasing their provenance. As well as being made from recycled plastic, the bottles are also fully recyclable – ensuring a circular recycling process.

Matthew Orme, director of Wenlock Spring, commented: “We simply cannot continue to let something that we use for minutes, pollute the environment for hundreds of years, especially when plastics are recyclable. We not only have a corporate responsibility at Wenlock Spring, but a responsibility to the generations to come. Reducing landfill should be an objective for everyone. We welcome a circular economy where plastic bottles are being reused, remade and recycled again – and again.”