The Paper Cup Company discovers the cup’s half full for city coffee drinkers

Coffee drinkers are being advised to choose where they get their caffeine fix carefully, following eye opening findings from industry experts The Paper Cup Company.

The Paper Cup Company, who conducted the research in a Manchester City Centre, prints and distributes disposable paper cups for coffees, cold drinks, vending, sampling, retail, food to go, portion containers, medical and industrial uses.

The survey looked at coffee temperature, cost and liquid volume and the results showed a huge range of prices and some eye-opening results on the liquid volume in cups, impacting on the subsequent value for money. 19 outlets were studied in total looking at takeaway cappuccinos in different sizes. The average price for a 12oz cup of cappuccino was £1.81 with the cheapest £1.25 and most expensive £2.05. Even bigger price range was found in the cost of a 16oz cup which ranged from £1.49 to £2.60 where as a 20oz cup showed less extremes in pricing with a range from £2.54 to £2.65.

Temperatures across all the sizes ranged from 53.2°C to 73.1°C, with the chain shops generally producing colder coffee than independently owned shops.

Heather Potts, marketing manager for The Paper Cup Company said: “We were most shocked by the results on actual liquid volume in the cups. We found that some of the shops studied used the same amount of liquid in their two largest sized drinks.

“When we considered this finding alongside pricing it had huge implications on value for money. One of the cheapest cups of coffee we found also contains the lowest liquid volume making it one of the lower value for money cups of coffee.”

Heather continued: “We were primarily interested in finding out more about the types of cups which takeaway coffee was being served in to assist with our product portfolio and market positioning. But we felt it was important to look at other elements at the same time.

“The findings of the research have been incredibly valuable with relation to our paper cup products. We gained good product information and photographs of the various cups being used, whether printed, plain or labelled.”

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