Terry Lambert retires

After 20 years of dedicated service, Cummins-Allison’s Managing Director Terry Lambert has opted for early retirement.
Having previously worked for AM (Office Systems), Terry joined CA as Sales and Marketing Manager for the newly-established UK subsidiary of Cummins-Allison in 1988, pioneering the launch of the revolutionary JetSort high speed coin sorter in the UK amusement market.
In just two years he was promoted to Branch Manager and in 1998 was promoted again to the position of Managing Director of the company’s UK operation.
Under Terry’s leadership, Cummins-Allison UK has grown from a very small operation in Leeds to a well-established business based out of 5-star premises the company owns in Coventry. The JetSort and JetScan products are now industry standards across many markets in both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. As a result of Terry’s professionalism and the hard work of all those working under him at the UK office, the operation has earned a well deserved reputation for providing excellent sales and service across all sectors from leisure to banking.
Andy Crowson, Sales Manager at Cummins-Allison UK, on behalf of the company, said: “Cummins-Allison sincerely appreciates the many contributions that Terry has provided to us during his long career with us, without which the company would not be what it is today and we would like you to join us in wishing him all the best in his retirement.”
Terry comments: “After so many years with the responsibility of a growing emerging company on my shoulders, my first aim is to chill out – which means a long holiday in the Far East to catch some much needed rays and tune up my golf. After that, who knows, I am already busy with so many things I have never had real time for. I am most appreciative for the challenge Cummins offered me for all those years which as I look back seem to have passed by very quickly. I am proud of what I have achieved and in return the company has been very good to me. I will miss the many friends who I made in the industry for sure. But now I am looking forward and not back!”