Telemetry technology could save operators up to 80% in engineering costs

Smart Vend Solutions facial recognition vending machineState-of-the-art vending machines enabled with advanced telemetry technology are set to save UK operators and facilities managers up to 80 per cent of costs on current engineering interventions, according to vending equipment supply company, Smart Vend Solutions. New software and hardware developed by one of the most established names in the European vending manufacturing, Rheavendors, could dramatically reduce maintenance and operation costs.

The advancement represents a significant time and cost saving for operators as it removes the need for both manual repairs and restocking requests, potentially reducing the average number of costly engineering call-outs per year from three to one. This is based on extensive field tests carried out by Rheavendors Servomat in Germany this year on a sample of 20,000 machines.

Smart Vend Solution MD Malcolm Standage commented: “Through our exclusive partnership with Rheavendors, we are determined to explore all avenues to bring unique benefits to businesses and consumers across the UK. The back-end telephony capabilities of these machines are truly revolutionary and will have a profound positive effect on the day-to-day responsibilities of operators such as facilities and building managers.

“The potential loss of revenue during machine down time due to stock shortage or maintenance issues has been a long-term issue in the vending industry. These problems are inevitably accompanied by additional costs such as engineer fees, and replacement part costs.

“By combining the Rheavednors’ TM.On system and Smart Vend Solutions’ box swap ‘pool’ maintenance system, machines should never be ‘down’ or out of stock. This heralds significant time and cost reductions as well as increased peace of mind for suppliers and operators.”