New website for Camlock Systems

Camlock_systems_new_website[1] copyInternational locking security company Camlock Systems has launched a new website:

Major new features are designed to improve visitors’ experience, including a new product search function, a simpler way to request CAD files, a design contributing to easier navigation, and the availability of industry or market specific information.

Camlock develops a range of solutions adapted to different needs. As a result, the new product search function enables visitors to apply multiple filters to narrow the product search and view relevant products. For example, physical attack resistance, pick and manipulation resistance, patent protection and weather resistance may be used among other criteria to refine product requirements.

Once registered, visitors can submit up to four CAD file requests at once helping to evaluate different options quickly and efficiently and visualise their final product better. The new website also enables visitors to get in touch with Camlock’s team of security experts easily.


The enhanced navigation makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for, whether browsing is undertaken from a mobile device or a computer.

Professionals benefit from information specific to their industry or market, which is gathered from Camlock Systems’ long experience of locking security.