Nestlé Professional launch coffee shop solution

Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Style MachineNestlé Professional are aiming to bring the next generation of their premium instant coffee to vending customers with the new Nescafé Gold BlendBarista Style floor standing self-serve coffee solution. It offers a range of premium coffee shop-style beverages which can be customised to meet individuals’ particular tastes.

With coffee chain market sales expected to reach £4.1 billion by 2018 and Cappuccino and Latte becoming the nation’s favorites, barista style coffee has never been more popular. “Coffee sales are expected to grow 10% by 2018, premium speciality coffees have hit the mainstream and consumers are increasingly expecting a full coffee menu wherever they go.  The take-away option has grown more than 20% over 5 years with 1/3 of coffee drinkers now enjoying a take-away cup at least once a week.  There’s now a clear opportunity for the out-of-home market to offer a machine that guarantees great tasting, barista style coffee at consumers’ convenience,” said Lynn Little, Nescafé Ingredients Lead at Nestlé Professional.

“The new range of Nescafé Gold BlendBarista Style Machines provides just that.  Not only does the range deliver on consistent high-quality beverages, but it also tailors drinks for specific tastes ensuring individuals enjoy coffee just the way they like it.  The ability to customise drinks can make a real difference as recent market trials of Nescafé Gold BlendBarista Style offering has already shown a 12% increase in volume sales compared to a company’s current solution.”