Mike Saltmarsh in Europe

Popular AVA technical consultant, Mike Saltmarsh, has been appointed Chairman of the European Vending Association’s Hygiene Committee, a role in which he will be sponsored by Mars Drinks.
The Hygiene Committee draws together technical input from across Europe on a range of subjects including labelling, allergens and water and has been responsible for projects such as the interactive CD for Food Safety Management in Vending.
Mike will be bringing his expertise on these and other publications such as the Hygiene Guide for Vending and Dispensing to the Food Safety Regulations, as approved by the fsa and recently published by AVA, to the work of the committee. Furthermore, his industry experience and extensive knowledge of the microbiology of water has been refined while acting as industry sponsor for the AVA supported Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff.
The committee’s work programme embraces food law and hygiene with special interests in labelling regulation; the drinking water directive; any prospective or actual legislation likely to affect vending; and the production of information leaflets and guidance for the European vending community.
The AVA is certain that Mike will combine his analytical skills and extensive industry and legislative contacts to ensure that the committee continues to make a major contribution to the EVA’s work of promoting and protecting vending.