Lavazza and Seymour Valentine on the road

Working in conjunction with distributor Seymour Valentine, Lavazza has been bringing Italy’s favourite coffee to the UK offices of a leading American financial services firm.

With the current economic climate encouraging higher coffee consumption in the workplace as employees cut back on visits to local cáfes, it is important to have a system in place that really delivers in terms of quality and investment.

Responding to this trend, Lavazza, in conjunction with authorised distributor Seymour Valentine, has been helping prospective clients to make the right choice based on their specific company needs.

Throughout the summer, Lavazza and Seymour Valentine have been touring the UK offices of a leading global financial services firm, demonstrating machines such as the freestanding Astro and Brio machine, which is well suited to large office environments, offering free trials and imparting technical know-how. 

As well as being able to sample the various beverages that can be produced with thanks to Lavazza’s pod technology, the company’s employees also received free goody bags and were offered the chance to win ¡Tierra! gift sets and a Pininfarina-designed Lavazza BLUETM coffee machine for use on a smaller scale.

Due to the premium standard of coffee produced through the innovative and exclusive BLUETM system, and as a result of first hand demonstrations at roadshow events, Lavazza and Seymour Valentine are finding that more and more companies are changing from free-vend to pay-vend systems, as employees become increasingly willing to purchase beverages from a vending machine that guarantees quality and enjoyment.

The road show visited four sites, two in London and one in Bournemouth. Thanks to the brand’s high profile in London, employees in the offices who visited the roadshow in the capital where already familiar with Lavazza coffee. Here, the roadshow was an opportunity to re-connect with customers and remind them of the premium quality and taste of Lavazza, Italys favourite coffee. 

Outside of more cosmopolitan areas, where the Lavazza brand was not as well known, a more intensive approach was required. In Bournemouth, the road show targeted new potential customers with a specially produced DVD which explored behind the scenes at the photography shoot for the 2009 Lavazza calendar, shot by Annie Leibovitz. To capitalise on awareness, branding and merchandising at the roadshow was in line with the 2009 advertising campaign, which could be seen around the UK.

Seymour Valentines roadshows help employees to understand that vending machines utilising the Lavazza BLUETM capsule system deliver exceptional quality in a cost effective way, providing a coffee experience that enhances the working day in more ways than one.