Jofemar remodels its Vision

UK subsidiary of Euro­pean vending machine manufacturer Jofemar has launched a new, updated version of the company’s best-selling merchandiser, the Vision. Introduced three years ago, the Vision was one of the first merchandisers on the market to use elevator delivery tech­nology. Jofemar has since gone on to patent its system under the brand names, SmartVend® and EasyFlex®.

The Vision has now been improved with a new-look livery and key product improvements. The cabinet is finished in a sophisticated light grey colour with aesthetically pleasing graphic filigree picked out in red on the right hand side of the machine, giving the unit a smart, modern look.

Inside, too, there are some tangible new features. The insulation has been improved which saves on energy and reduces running costs. Instead of using rigid polystyrene filling, the cavity walls of the machine are now injected with foam insulation. This is more effective at maintaining the temperature inside the cabinet. At the same time, the new insulation gives the cabinet a more rigid feel.

The operator panel has been reconfigured, too. Now the refund button is located separately, making it easier to see and more customer-friendly. The elevator arm has been re-engineered to create a more efficient grid of sensors and photodiodes that can now detect slimmer products, which means that the breadth of possible machine contents is considerably extended and the vend is always guaranteed.

With these improvements, the Vision is claimed to be the stand-out leader in its class. Following product selection, the SmartVend elevator arm moves into place below the selected product, which is moved onto the elevator arm by the EasyFlex conveyor delivery system. SmartVend then gently delivers the vended item to the product delivery tray, which is conveniently situated at waist height. Through­out the whole dispense process, which takes around ten seconds, the product is never dropped or agitated. This makes the machine suitable for higher value items, such as music CDs or delicate food products such as sandwiches, yoghurt or fruit.

Managing Director of Jofemar UK, Vassilis Gotsis, explained: “We are very proud of the new-look Vision. It has always been a vast improve­ment in efficiency and capacity over spiral based vending machines. Now, with the improvements we have made, its green credentials have been augmented, too.”