Industry experts gather for China VMF press conference

chinaThe 2nd APVA (Asia-Pacific Vending Industry Association) Summit Forum & China VMF 2017 press conference took place on 24 November in Guangzhou, China. Attendees discussed the vending market and made a detailed introduction of the China International Vending Machine & Self-service Facilities Fair (China VMF 2017).

A number of vending industry experts attended the event, including Yu Enze, president of APVA; Ding Shaohui, deputy secretary general of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association; Zheng Chunri, director general of Taiwan Vending Machine Council; Fuyumi Kitasato, president of TKB and Chen Zhigang, director of Wechat Payment Industry of Tencent. Tang Yuanyi, general manager of Yunmao Internet of Things, gave an analysis on the vending market in the era of the internet and mobile payments, showing the enormous business potential of vending machines.

The 2016 Chinese Vending Market Report pointed out that vending machine industry has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the field of retail, as the world’s biggest vending market, Japan has 4.23 million vending machines providing over 6,000 varieties of goods. Last year, the sales of beverages alone amounted to 159,300 million RMB.

Co-organized with APVA,  China VMF 2017 has received support from vending associations and media platforms worldwide. A considerable number of brand enterprises have confirmed their attendance next March, including UBox, Zhouyi, Easy Touch, Kimma, Easivend, TKB, TCN, Fulei, Beijing Yinhai Star Trade, and so on.

In order to promote communication inside the industry and break the traditional sales models, China VMF 2017 (March 1-3 in Guangzhou, China) aims to provide insiders with a high-end trade platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience.