Give your business the ‘Hex-Factor’ this Halloween

Boost your sales by creating some monstrously good Halloween treats with California Raisins this autumn.

The ‘healthy eating’ message is important throughout the year, but certain celebrations call for some mischief. Halloween is a festival all about indulging in a little wickedness, and your customers will be looking for cookies, cakes, muffins and pies with that little something special.

For the successful bakery and confectionery, Halloween sales are predominately increased using decorations and artistic creations that catch people’s eyes, but if your products taste amazing, and have the shelf life to survive the promotional period, you’ll be giving your business the ‘hex-factor’.

California Raisin paste and juice concentrate are both 100% natural ingredients. The paste is formed by extruding California Raisins through a wire screen, and moisture can be added to achieve the desired texture. Raisin paste will naturally sweeten products, it acts as a binding agent to control breakages in cookies and cereal bars, and is compatible with both sweet and savoury flavours. Tartaric acid in the paste acts as a flavour enhancer, and propionic acid is a preservative that will help to extend the shelf life of products containing the paste. Juice concentrate is also made from pure California Raisins, which are leached in water in a number of stages until a certain concentration of sugars is reached. This natural syrup is perfect for use in confectionery, and has the same beneficial qualities as paste, and the raisins themselves, when it comes to product development.

California Raisins are great for decorating too. The dark fruits make perfect goblin eyes or creepy bugs. Mixing a little water with some raisin paste makes a slick, thick, edible paint to turn a biscuit into a bat or a witch, and juice concentrate will add colour to icing that needs shading. And they’re all completely natural, so your customers can trick their kids into eating some healthy treats this year!