Gillian White steps down as interim AVA CEO

GW photoAVA chairman Dave Ward recently contacted members with the news that current interim CEO, Gillian White, will be stepping down shortly. Due to some changes in her personal circumstances she no longer has the time available to support the AVA on a daily basis.

“Gillian has done an excellent job in the last few months under some very challenging conditions and the whole Board would like to thank her for stepping into the breach following Jonathan’s departure. She has kept the many challenges the AVA face under control and will leave the AVA in a good state. AVEX is safely behind us and our relationships with all three Governments and the Royal Mint are all very positive. More work is still needed, but that will be a challenge for our new CEO,” said Dave. “I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Gillian for her hard work.”

Gillian will continue to be a member of the AVA board as the European Representative and fully expects to continue to be an active member of the AVA. The AVA is now progressing in its search for a new CEO. The recruitment process is expected to conclude by mid-August, and the start date, dependent on their availability will be not long after.