Footprint Awards 2011 – Recognition with a Purpose

For those looking to enter an Awards scheme that focuses on what can be achieved beyond the foodservice industry, rather than dress codes and discos at the winner’s dinner, the Footprint Awards launched by the Footprint Media Group holds the answer!

Charlie Miers, Managing Director, Footprint Media Group: “Whilst many Awards create good recognition within their sectors, we want the Footprint Awards to demonstrate more widely what an industry can do when the companies and individuals that work within it decide to act to protect and sustain the environment.”

The Organisers claim that this is the only Awards programme ‘exclusively dedicated to rewarding contributions to sustainability and environmental excellence’ in the foodservice industry:

“What makes these Awards possible is that there is a great deal already being done in Foodservice, much more than many people realise, and the Awards will provide recognition for such activities. These Awards aren’t just another slapon- the-back-programme to make an industry feel good about Corporate Social Responsibility, they are a serious attempt to encourage companies and individuals responsible for our food pipeline to be more sustainable – it’s not just desirable, but necessary,” added Christophe Stourton, Event Director, Footprint Experience.

Supported by some of the biggest names in the industry, Neil Stephens, Managing Director, Nestlé Professional, explains the decision to become headline sponsor of the Awards: “We are delighted to support the Foodservice Footprint Awards 2011.

With sustainability at the very heart of our business, we are passionate about supporting the foodservice industry to make a difference within this inspiring and vitally important area.”

As part of the Awards process sponsors will be asked to provide a student internship, which will see students undertake research that will inform the whole industry’s sustainability effort, as Christophe explains: “The internships will help achieve another of our key objectives – to get the best new talent and innovation into sustainability in foodservice – and I can see us getting lots of applications for these internships from students studying sustainability. This will give the Awards a legacy, building support for sustainability in foodservice and creating awareness of what can be achieved by an industry conscious of its impact on the environment.”

Entries into the Awards are being invited from 4th October 2010, and winners and runners-up will be announced during May 2011.