Ethical produce continues to grow in importance

Café Bar recognises the need build on its commitment to brands and organisations supporting the developing world. With many suppliers working in partnership with recognisable organisations who support the needs of underprivileged farmers and producers – it is easier than ever to make conscientious buying decisions when selecting a product or supplier.

Café Bar has developed fantastic relations with suppliers who actively source ethical products. They are proud to offer an extensive range of products carrying well known certification marks guaranteeing their responsible origins. 

From the recognisable Fair Trade mark and Rainforest Alliance certification offered on Kenco coffee and PG Tips tea to working with Cadbury’s on the Cocoa Partnership and the lesser known, but equally important UTZ certification and Ethical Tea Partnership – Café Bar is committed to continue and increase its support of these essential organisations to improve the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

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