Drury coffee in hessian sacks

Ho Sete, a busy café bar and on-premise bakery at The Belfry shopping centre at Redhill in Surrey, has further improved its green credentials by changing to purchasing its coffee beans in biodegradable hessian sacks instead of 1kg foil bags with one-way valves.
Marco Olmi, Director of The Drury Tea & Coffee Company, clarifies how this can work: “Hessian packaging is a traditional and environmentally friendly way of packaging coffee that will suit some outlets. The only reason the trade moved to foil bags with oneway valves was to ensure freshness. For high volume businesses like Ho Sete, they are using the coffee so fast, that hessian sacks with a liner is all that is required. The coffee is roasted to order, it is delivered with the maximum possible shelf life and Ho Sete receive the roasted beans in prime condition.

“The move generates cost savings in terms of packaging material, energy and labour, which we are happy to pass on to our customers. A further environmental advantage of buying Drury coffee is that it is processed in the UK, unlike some continental brands, which incur additional carbon emissions by being roasted abroad and imported by road.”

Contact Marco Olmi at Drury Tea & Coffee Ltd on 020 7740 1100 or email marco@drury.uk.com for further information.