Digital destination for coffee lovers

Delightful Media has announced the launch of Caffeine Culture, a new social content channel on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Partnering with respected baristas and brands in the coffee business, Caffeine Culture offers fans the chance to discover video and imagery – showcasing the best of coffee culture from around the world, as well as highlighting the vitally important role that sustainability, responsibility and fair trade has to play in the coffee ecosystem.

Content strands will include:

The Perfect…Illustrating the perfect way to make your favourite coffee – from a Cappuccino to a Cortado, an Americano to a Cubano.

Latte Art…A series in which the world’s best latte artists demonstrate how to create pictures and patterns using coffee, steamed milk, a steady hand and years of practice.

Coffee cocktails…Barista meets mixologist in this series where the finest coffee-based cocktails from around the world are showcased from the classic Espresso Martini to a caffeinated Negroni.

Cooking with Coffee…Demonstrating the versatility of coffee and its place beyond the cup, this series will offer video recipes where coffee plays a role as an ingredient.

Delightful Media founder and creative director Jonathan Almond said: “We have created a content proposition that we believe will offer something new for all coffee lovers, from casual drinkers to baristas. We are working with some of the best talent and brands in the industry to ensure we deliver a quality proposition that occupies a distinctive position in the market.”