Currenza C2 from Suzohapp is ready for new £1 coin

currenza-c2-new-1-pound-coinThe introduction of the new £1 coin will mean that all existing coin changers and coin validators will either need a software update or even be replaced entirely.

Suzohapp is pleased to announce that as of mid-August 2016 all its newly manufactured Currenza C. coin changers are ‘new £1 coin ready’. All units are able to accept both old and new £1 coins from factory. The old £1 coins can simply be disabled via on board changer display, when they are demonetised in September 2017.

Suzohapp is ready to support its customers in the UK with the update of its existing coin changer fleet. “The £1 coin is key for the vending industry here in the UK,” noted Nick Norris, sales and technical manager UK and Ireland at Suzohapp. “We have the technology ready for our customers to update their Currenza C2 coin recyclers, with a simple field software update. Our aim is to make the switch to the new £1 coin as smooth as possible for our customers.”

Mr. Norris continued: “I encourage operators to drop us a line. We wish to ensure that your Currenza C2 coin changers are ready to accept the new coin and so we have all the necessary information ready to pass on to the market.”