Credit to vending

Capita was fed up with the lack of face-to-face contact it had with the suppliers of its coffee vending machines, which were felt to be bulky and energy inefficient. Seymour Valentine, an experienced, privately-owned vending sale and after-sales service company, was appointed to improve the service.

Mark Briggs, Divisional Facilities Manager for the Capita’s London offices was looking for something different from his vending supplier. “Many of the vending suppliers seem to be faceless”, he said. “I had been dealing with our previous one for over six years and never once met anyone from the company and never once was able to give customer feedback. In a recent presentation to both our Facilities and Health and Safety fraternities, Seymour Valentine was the only presenter to get a round of applause. Not only did it show the benefits of its vending machines, but also hit a nerve with its recycling element which, of course, is an extremely important issue to address today”.

The machines themselves provide a variety of beverages, all of which are Fairtrade, and are brewed with reusable water filters. This, along with the recycled plastic components with which the machine is constructed, ensures that the impact on the environment is considerably reduced. The main graphics and selection panel use long-life LED lighting and the internal power management system powers down the machine during low-use periods, consuming 30 per cent less energy than in normal mode. Include Flash cooling technology that guarantees power is only used when cold drinks are prepared, and Seymour Valentine can claim to have supplied Capita with one of the most energy efficient machines on the market.

Cevat Riza, owner of Seymour Valentine, is equally pleased. “We are delighted to supply such a hugely respected company as Capita and glad that we are able to save them energy with our machines, creating a solution that fits in with the environment at their London office.”

Mark Briggs was delighted with the sleek design of the Coffeetek Nexus.  “The machines fit in very well with the decor. They are neat and, as we have specific vending areas, are nicely placed and do not cause any obstruction. The product is second to none with visitors and contractors stating that they only come to my sites due to the quality of coffee!” Word has spread to the 30,000 strong employees that work at Capita across the UK, and Seymour Valentine is now being recommended as the preferred supplier for the entire group.