• Four investors have acquired a “significant minority stake” in Waterlogic

    By Vending International on May 19, 2020
    Waterlogic, the designer, manufacturer, distributor and service provider of purified drinking water dispensers, has announced the closing of the acquisition of a significant minority stake in the company by four strong institutional investors – BCI, Neuberger Berman, StepStone, and Skandia. Following January’s announcement of British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) entering into an agreement to acquire a significant minority stake […]
  • UK water sales up a billion litres in five years

    By Vending International on April 27, 2020
    UK sales of plain, flavoured, juicy and functional waters have increased by more than one billion litres over the past five years, according to the new 2020 UK Water Drinks market report from the food and drink experts Zenith Global.  Volumes excluding water coolers rose from under three billion litres in 2014 to over four billion litres in 2019, dipping […]
  • Green Earth Awards for water filter recycling

    By Vending International on April 23, 2020
    WaterCare Recycling is giving out ‘Green Earth Awards’ to customers who return over a certain amount of water filters, either WaterCare’s or 3rdParty. The first award was given to Qualitasse, which returned 370 filters and equated to 3,680kg of plastic being recycling and equivalent to 11 million plastic cups (based on a 3g cup) or 22 tonnes of CO2. WaterCare […]
  • UK plain water market dips after 2018 heatwave

    By Vending International on April 22, 2020
    After a searing summer in 2018, UK sales of plain water slipped back in 2019, but were ahead of results for 2017, according to the new 2020 UK Plain Water Report from the food and drink experts Zenith Global. Volumes excluding water coolers and dispensers dipped 3.1% to 3,500 million litres in 2019, while value fell a more modest 2.5% […]
  • Bag-in-Box water cooler refill wins award

    By Vending International on April 4, 2020
    Liquibox has received a silver award from the Flexible Packaging Association for Waterspout, a specialised bag-in-box refill system for home and office water coolers. This is the company’s eighth win since first entering the annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition in 2014. Waterspout is described as a more sustainable alternative to rigid bottles. Greg Gard, VP of R&D at Liquibox, […]
  • UK Water dispense market nears £200 million

    By Vending International on March 27, 2020
    With hydration becoming ever more important for British consumers, the UK water dispense market grew by 2.3% in value to £192 million and by 2.9% in units installed to over 870,000 in 2019, according to the latest UK Water Dispense Market report from Zenith Global, the food and drink experts. “This was despite poorer summer weather than 2018 and increased […]
  • Global study highlights impact of water access on employee wellbeing

    By Vending International on March 19, 2020
    A report on global workplace water consumption finds that workers are happier and feel more productive when employers provide better drinking water facilities. The report, produced by Waterlogic from a survey of more than 6,300 respondents, also estimates that the USA alone could cut almost 19 billion plastic bottles from its waste each year through one simple switch. Full-time workers from across Europe, North America […]
  • Britain becoming hydration nation

    By Vending International on February 19, 2020
    With water drinks driving beverage market growth around the world, plans have been announced for the 28th annual UK Water Drinks Conference on March 24, 2020 in central London. Speakers include the global heads of sustainability and hydration research from international market leaders Nestlé and Danone along with chief executives from Danone, Harrogate, Highland Spring and Nestlé. Other speakers from Kantar and Zenith Global will focus on market developments and prospects. […]
  • New water trade body to be launched

    By Vending International on January 21, 2020
    The UK water-dispenser and hydration industry has announced the formation of a new trade body – the Water-dispenser & Hydration Association (WHA). This new association represents the amalgamation of the BWCA and the EDWCA. The new body is said to offer the industry one strong voice and with unimpeachable standards, give an audited mark of quality for customers to look […]
  • US water dispenser market approaches eight million units 

    By Vending International on November 6, 2019
    The US water dispenser market has grown by an annual average of 4.4% to reach almost eight million units at the end of 2018, according to a new report from the industry’s leading specialist consultancy Zenith Global. “For the first time, we have been able to include integrated tap systems alongside our regular research into bottled water dispensers and mains-fed […]