• Start of ban on plastic straws and stirrers

    By Vending International on October 5, 2020
    The ban on supplying plastic straws and stirrers and plastic-stemmed cotton buds has come into force in England, marking yet another major step in the Government’s fight against single-use plastic waste to protect our environment and clean up our oceans. Just one month after ministers confirmed the single-use plastic bag charge would be increased to 10p and extended to all […]
  • A new UK partnership to deliver more rPET for Buxton

    By Vending International on September 28, 2020
    One of the UK’s leading recyclers and Nestlé Waters UK have announced a new partnership to further build the circular economy for plastics in the UK. Biffa will be supporting Nestlé Waters UK to achieve its commitment of making every Buxton bottle from 100% recycled PET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate or rPET), by collecting recyclable PET bottles and reprocessing them here […]
  • Veolia launches new plastic recycling report

    By Vending International on July 8, 2020
    A new report titled ‘Examining material evidence – the carbon fingerprint’ highlights the importance of plastic as a material compared to alternatives when examining the carbon emissions. The report, commissioned by Veolia and published by Imperial College, analysed over 70 life-cycle assessments to evaluate the environmental impacts of packaging alternatives over their life-time, including impacts from mining, manufacturing, logistics, usage […]
  • Call to postpone single-use plastics directive

    By Vending International on April 14, 2020
    European Plastics Converters (EuPC) has called on European Commissioners to ‘recast’ or postpone the single-use plastics (SUP) directive, in light of the Covid-19 crisis. In an open letter Alexandre Dangis, EuPC President said: “We would like to draw the attention to the benefits of plastic products and in particular single-use applications during the difficult times we are experiencing at this […]
  • Cadbury launches all paper packaging

    By Vending International on February 11, 2020
    Cadbury has conducted what it described as a ‘world-first’ packaging trial in New Zealand. The paper packaging is made from 100 per cent sustainably sourced paper and is 100 per cent recyclable and was rolled out for the first time in the Cadbury Energy bar and trialled and tested exclusively by New Zealand customers. The trial tested the durability and […]
  • Six in 10 Europeans willing to pay more for reduced plastic packaging

    By Vending International on February 7, 2020
    Six in 10 (62%) European consumers say they would be willing to put their money where their mouth is and pay more for food products that contain less plastic packaging. A similar number (59%) say they sort and recycle more than they did five years ago. When offered a choice between two packaging options for the same quality of product, […]
  • A project for less plastic waste and more education

    By Vending International on January 17, 2020
    DS Smith has donated €50,000 to UNICEF to give African children the education they need and offer financial support to families. The donation will go towards UNICEF’s project in Ivory Coast in which the environment is being relieved of plastic waste and then turned into building bricks for schooling facilities. Future prospects of millions of children in Africa are restricted, […]
  • DS Smith Wins #TheCupFund for Coffee Cup Drop Box Scheme

    By Vending International on October 14, 2019
    DS Smith, the sustainable packaging provider and recycler, has announced it has been granted funding from Hubbub’s #TheCupFund initiative, the UK’s largest grant fund to support ambitious projects that boost paper cup recycling across the UK. DS Smith’s Coffee Cup Drop Box is the only national scheme to have been chosen as part of the initiative. The grant will support the roll-out […]
  • The UK is set to lead technology and innovation in sustainable plastics in the drive to net-zero

    By Vending International on September 30, 2019
     The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has announced that new forms of packaging and plastic made from plants, wood chippings and food waste could be a step closer, thanks to new business and Government investment. Businesses are expected to jointly invest up to £149m, alongside a £60m Government investment, to help fight the global battle against single-use plastics. […]
  • Life-cycle study shows: a paper cup has the lowest carbon footprint – and recycling makes it even smaller

    By Vending International on July 26, 2019
    Sustainable food packaging specialist Huhtamaki has participated in a life-cycle analysis study that surveyed the full carbon footprint of different types of cups used for coffee. According to the study, paper cups often have the lowest carbon footprint, and recycling lowers it further by 54%. Huhtamaki recently introduced a 100% renewable, plant polyethylene coated FutureSmart paper cup. This life-cycle analysis […]