• Report calls for urgent reassessment of UK packaging strategy

    By Vending International on May 4, 2022
    IGD, which provides commercial insight into the food industry, has published a new report to help the food and consumer goods industry drive progress towards the shared ambition of halving the environmental impact of the UK packaging system by 2030. The report – ‘Halving the environmental impact of the UK packaging system: How industry and key stakeholders can work together to […]
  • Campaigners highlight critical role of compostable packaging

    By Vending International on November 22, 2021
    “Save Our Soil” coordinators Springfield Agri and compostable packaging company TIPA collaborated at COP26 to show the role packaging choices in the food industry have on maintaining and improving soil quality. The campaigners say compostable packaging helps to recover food waste, whereas conventional plastic harms food waste collections by contaminating composting processes and leaving microplastics in soil. Microplastics interact with soil fauna, […]
  • British spring water in sustainable box launched in UK

    By Vending International on October 26, 2021
    Water in a Box, the sustainable British water brand that pioneered repackaging water into environmentally friendly cartons, is relaunching a range of 100% British-sourced water in a carton bottle combidome. The Water in a Box range now includes a 500ml plain spring in combidome from SIG and four 330ml Tetra cartons (plain spring, lemon & lime, orange & peach and […]
  • Waterlogic rewards DPD for plastic-saving tactics

    By Vending International on September 21, 2021
    Waterlogic, the designer, manufacturer, distributor and service provider of purified drinking water dispensers, has presented its Oceansaver Accolade to DPD, the express parcel delivery service. The accolade recognises organisations that have made a significant contribution and commitment to the reduction of single-use plastics that not only impact climate change, but also dangerously pollute the world’s oceans. Since 2020, DPD has provided […]
  • UK Cadbury Dairy Milk packaging set to be made with recycled plastic

    By Vending International on September 20, 2021
    Mondelēz International has announced that Cadbury Dairy Milk made in Bournville and sold in the UK and Ireland is to be made with packaging containing up to 30% recycled plastic. Cadbury will roll out the packaging innovation on more than 28 million sharing bars in 2022. It is part of a broader global commitment by the business to reduce the […]
  • AVA members urged to act now as DRS consultation deadline approaches

    By Vending International on May 10, 2021
    The Automatic Vending Association (AVA) is calling for its members in the vending industry to submit their Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) consultation responses ahead of the deadline on 4 June 2021. With the deadline now less than a month away, the AVA is urging its members to act quickly and submit DRS consultation responses directly […]
  • Liquibox releases its first sustainability report 

    By Vending International on April 27, 2021
    This year, Liquibox, the liquid packaging and dispensing specialist, celebrated Earth Day by releasing its first Sustainability Report. With it, the company is publicly stating its mission to inspire change in packaging preference and create a safer and more sustainable future. The report details Liquibox’s roadmap to supporting customer sustainability goals while also minimising the company’s environmental footprint.  “We are […]
  • Joint project to tackle sustainable packaging

    By Vending International on April 23, 2021
    World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and World Design Organization (WDO) have embarked on a joint initiative following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) last year. The two organisations will host a two-week virtual ‘World Design Challenge on Sustainable Packaging’ that will aim to identify sustainable solutions in packaging design from 24 May to 4 June 2021. This initiative will […]
  • Mondelēz International supports global harmonisation on plastics recycling

    By Vending International on November 10, 2020
    Mondelēz International is supporting global efforts designed to increase recycling rates for plastic waste, including flexible films, and has called for greater collaboration across the industry to develop and implement effective Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programmes to help realise a more circular economy. Similarly, the company is a signatory of the Business Call for a UN Treaty on plastic pollution, […]
  • Huhtamaki donation helps clean plastics from Indian river

    By Vending International on October 12, 2020
    Global sustainable food packaging leader Huhtamaki is donating €600,000 to fund a project that aims to stop the flow of plastic into the Indian Ocean from the Mithi River in Mumbai, India. The project is one of three initiatives that Huhtamaki has funded as part of its 100-year anniversary to address global sustainability challenges and build and learn from circular […]