• Hospital vending: does it always have to be the bad guy?

    By Vending International on March 1, 2016
    Joe Harvey is a consultant for the Health Education Trust. With a health education management and teaching background that spans 25 years, his expertise and membership has influenced health education and policy change on both a European and international platform. “We all know from personal experience that food services in hospitals do not always offer the very best of examples […]
  • HUMAN releases complete guide on the vending machine business

    By Vending International on December 11, 2015
    Leading Nutrition Distribution Platform HUMAN (Helping Unite Mankind and Nutrition), America’s leading distributor of better-for-you foods for the office, today released a complete guide to starting a vending machine business. Developed by HUMAN CEO, Sean Kelly, who has more than twelve years of experience in the vending machine industry, the resource provides critical information for people looking to start their […]
  • The new €10 banknote – A brief interview with Ton Roos, Director Banknotes, ECB

    By dt-admin on June 2, 2014
    Q. How are preparations going for the introduction of the new €10 banknotes in September? Ton Roos: We’ll be introducing the new €10 banknotes on 23 September this year as part of our ongoing efforts to keep euro banknotes secure against counterfeiting and to ensure that the 334 million people across the euro area continue to have confidence in their […]
  • ‘No Option!’ Paul Ure can’t imagine business without Vendman…

    By dt-admin on June 11, 2012
    There was an advertising slogan once that went like this: ‘the answer’s yes, now what’s the question?’ Look no further; there’s no other phrase comes even close to crystallising the business ethos at Options Management. Their outlook here is not so much ‘can do’, as ‘will do.’ Options Management founder and Managing Director Paul Ure is one of the best-known […]
  • AVEX set to return to its former glory

    By dt-admin on February 7, 2012
    Paul Howard MD of Nebrak has taken over from David Hoskin as Chairman of AVEX; with plans to put a “different stamp on it” the 2013 event looks set to be an entirely different show. Vending International met with Paul at the AVA’s Head Office to find out why… Owned by the Automatic Vending Association, AVEX was the first exhibition […]
  • Anglers Rest?

    By dt-admin on February 7, 2012
    Rob Little takes a moment to reflect as Selecta chooses Vendman Rob Little, one of God’s ‘bigger blokes’, doesn’t look like the kind of man you’d expect to get all misty-eyed over business. If he were, though, Selecta’s recent implementation of the Vendman system would surely have had him reaching for his hankie… It’s not an altogether complimentary analogy, but […]
  • Vending fights back, with a helping hand

    By dt-admin on February 7, 2012
    Using its experience of roasting high quality espresso beans for over 250 years, Douwe Egberts offers vending operators a complete solution, from quality ingredients, range of branded paper cups through to the brand endorsement on the machine itself. Paul Freeman, Marketing Director at Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems, tells us how the company is helping the industry move forward. Over the […]
  • Taking a bigger slice of the out of home market

    By dt-admin on February 7, 2012
    Vending gives the high street a run for its money Faulty machines serving substandard hot beverages saw vending lose out to the high street some years ago; the choice was ‘warm and wet’ from a vending machine or fresh and full from a coffee shop. A no brainer for the consumer, it’s taken a while to change that perception. The […]
  • Reviews from the Top-International Paper Foodservice Europe

    By dt-admin on February 7, 2012
    2011 saw a change in International Paper Foodservice’s approach to the vending industry.  Having served this sector for over 50 years in the USA, and being renowned for our innovation, we decided to raise the bar higher and give the UK vending market the opportunity to replicate the High Street coffee shop experience even more. We have steered some of […]
  • Reviews from the Top-RPC Tedeco-Gizeh

    By dt-admin on February 7, 2012
    RPC Tedeco-Gizeh is the market leading UK based manufacturer and supplier of plastic vending, water cups and drinks portion packs. Its manufacturing site at Kenfig, South Wales forms part of the wider RPC Group – The European leader in rigid plastic packaging. Proud of its UK manufacturing base, warehouse, and customer support network the business offers unparalleled quality, supply and […]