• Life-cycle study shows: a paper cup has the lowest carbon footprint – and recycling makes it even smaller

    By Vending International on July 8, 2019
    Huhtamaki participated in a life-cycle analysis study that surveyed the full carbon footprint of different types of cups used for coffee. According to the study, paper cups often have the lowest carbon footprint, and recycling lowers it furtherby 54%. Huhtamaki recently introduced a 100% renewable, plant polyethylene coated FutureSmart paper cup. This life-cycle analysis (LCA) on paper cups was carried […]
  • First Mile and Huhtamaki join forces to accelerate disposable coffee cup recycling

    By Vending International on July 8, 2019
    Recycling company First Mile has announced its new partnership with sustainable food packaging specialist, Huhtamaki, in a collaboration that aims to further increase the number of disposable coffee cups effectively recycled in the UK. The partnership will see First Mile collecting used disposable cups from some of Huhtamaki’s customers throughout London and Birmingham from a variety of different coffee chains, […]
  • 4 Aces gets the ‘A’ grade

    By Vending International on July 8, 2019
    4 Aces has received new accreditation from BRC Global Standards scoring the popular packaging specialist with a higher ‘A’ grade, reflecting its best practice in the handling and storage of cups and water products. The certification marks the supplier’s significant achievments in recent months and is an acknowledgement of 4 Aces’ investment in training and its commitment to continuous improvement. Managing […]
  • AVA to work with DEFRA

    By Vending International on February 8, 2019
    The Automatic Vending Association met with Alex Hattersley, a policy advisor in energy and transport at HM Treasury and Silas Gedner, an advisor for the policy group at DEFRA, to discuss paper cups and plastic in vending this week. The AVA Environment Committee took the opportunity to showcase the steps already taken in collection and recycling within vending circles. A […]
  • Spike in sales of alternatives to plastic

    By Vending International on February 8, 2019
    4 Aces has reported an increase in sales of paper cups and cones to the water industry as this market continues to seek out alternatives to plastic single use cups, exploring options that may be more gentler on the environment while maintaining a user appeal. Last year the disposable cup supplier launched a 7oz cold version of its signature swirl […]
  • RPC introduces cup recycling initiative

    By Vending International on January 18, 2019
    RPC Tedeco-Gizeh, the UK manufacturer of plastic vending cups, is launching an initiative to help customers recycle their used cups into valuable second life products. The company is working with its sister business from the RPC Group, RPC bpi recycled products, so that vending suppliers and operators who collect their own used cups can deliver them to the RPC bpi facility […]
  • 9oz vending cup completes range

    By Vending International on November 30, 2018
    4 Aces has launched a 9oz vending version of its compostable, PLA hot cup, adding to the 7oz, 8 oz and 12 oz vending cups already available in the disposable cup supplier’s environmentally-friendly Planet range. Created to fill a gap in the vending market, the packaging manufacturer’s 9oz cup carries the seedling logo and complies to EU certification for compostable […]
  • Solent cup recycling needs local support

    By Vending International on November 5, 2018
    The ‘Solent Cup Recycling Project’ needs local businesses to come on board.  It is based on the success of a similar scheme in Gosport launched in March and highlights the collaboration between Huhtamaki, Gosport Borough Council, Portsmouth City Council, Simply Cups, and Bettavend. Local businesses are urged to join the scheme by contacting Simply Cups which is offering special promotional […]
  • 4 ACES extends festive cup range

    By Vending International on October 19, 2018
    Addressing customer feedback after the successful launch of its first ever festive cup last year, 4 Aces has extended its range of the ‘Jumpacup’ to include double wall 8 oz and 12 oz cups, along with PLA versions of the same. The non-branded cup has proven popular thanks to its theme of ‘coming together’. A colourful design depicting a row […]
  • Vending under threat from proposed single use plastic tax

    By Vending International on October 16, 2018
    The Automatic Vending Association, AVA, is warning that any levy or tax on vending cups as part of the introduction of a single use plastic tax could have a severe negative impact on this successful industry. The UK’s vending operating sector alone employs around 24,500 people. Even more people are employed by manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers involved with the supply […]