Barry Callebaut Beverages combats clogging with new smooth soup option

young-guy-enjoying-soup-from-vending-machineBarry Callebaut Beverages has introduced two new ‘smooth’ soups to its selection in a bid to counter clogging in machine canisters, which can be caused by soup with small vegetable pieces included.

The decision to launch these new soups to the market is as a result of a number of operators contacting the leading beverage supplier to source their existing soups, having experienced issues with their current products.

Barry Callebaut Beverages recognised that people were experiencing functionality issues as a result of the presence of the small vegetable pieces and decided to take a proactive approach by removing the particulate from some soups to improve functionality, reassuring operators by giving them access to a full range of products to meet all tastes and requirements.

Head of sales for Barry Callebaut Beverages in the UK, Paula Bentley commented: “We’re a company with a reputation for listening to our customers and ensuring that our high quality products are fit for purpose, for all markets, while retaining their flavour and remaining pleasing to the palate.

“Soup is a popular choice and so it was important to us to be able find a solution that would enable vending operators to keep offering these products without causing technical service issues, resulting in faulty machines and maintenance costs, not to mention the disgruntled consumers. It’s a timely measure as soup tends to sell more in the colder weather and we wanted to make this product available, ready for the autumn and winter months.”

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