AVA’s training success

AVA reports that 5,000 route operators have now successfully completed its Basic Health and Hygiene Training Course and, having satisfactorily completed the course test, been awarded the AVA training certificate.
Nicky Rathbone, a Route Operator with Bunzl Coffee Point in Birmingham, has the honour of being the first of the next 5000. Nicky’s AVA Basic Health and Hygiene Certificate confirms that she has received training in and understood all aspects of basic vending food handling.
The AVA training certificate is valid for three years. At the end of that period candidates take a refresher course to ensure that they continue to keep abreast of the issues.
Nicky relished the chance to learn more about why it is important that machines are kept clean and that products are stored in optimum surroundings to ensure that they are delivered in tip top condition to her clients.
Many of the successful AVA Basic Health and Hygiene Training Course graduates use the knowledge as the foundation for gaining their bronze level of the AVA Continuing Professional Development programme.