AVA Developments

Jonathan Hilder, the Automatic Vending Association’s (AVA) Chief Executive Officer, discusses the developments in the AVA as it moves forward in its Policy of Engagement with the facility managers who use vending to service the needs of their clients.

The AVA has taken a proactive approach to providing information on vending to all specifiers by developing a new website which covers all areas of vending requirements. Details can be found at www.ava-vending.co.uk.

The site will be developed on an ongoing basis and Jonathan and his team would welcome any feedback from caterers to improve the information supplied and increase the relevance of the content.

In the past Jonathan has explained the benefits of using AVA members and the standards to which all members are audited to ensure a consistent quality of service offered to caterers. The AVA is now further increasing and updating the quality of its own standards by introducing 14001.

Standard of service that can be expect from an AVA member:

• Value for money

• High quality and excellent service –  as a direct result of AVA training

• The highest standards of safety and hygiene for your operation

• Quickly and efficient problem solving within an agreed time

• Knowledgeable service – members have access to information and support which will help them manage changes in labelling, coinage etc.

• Quality standards – to be closely monitored and audited by AVA auditors, annually

These existing benefits, coupled with a new drive in training with a fully updated health and hygiene training course delivered by our own internal trainers, illustrate the way in which the AVA is proactively looking at ways to improve the industry.

Vending technology is starting to move forward with new features such as digital screens and new payment systems. It would be worth noting in your diaries the opportunity to look at all the new vending innovations and to meet the operator members next year at AVEX 2013. This is the largest Vending show held in Birmingham at the NEC on the 11th – 13th June 2013.

Look for companies with the AVA logo – it guarantees you trouble-free vending by working with the very best in the vending industry!

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