Andy Porter is new AVA Chairman

Andy Porter has become AVA Chairman, in succession to retiring Chairman, Barry Bennett.

Following a restructuring at Mars Drinks, Barry has left the company and accordingly he has resigned his post as AVA Chairman. He had completed 18 months of his term, which included the strong endorsement by members for the AVA Quality System.

Andy combines a fresh approach to AVA, experience both as an operator and machine manufacturer, a strong commitment to quality and to working with others to create a successful industry.  Initial tasks include listening and responding to what members want and

  • driving the AVA led coalition of industry bodies to prevent the recurrence elsewhere of the Welsh Hospitals recent attack on vending
  • ensuring AVEX 2009 showcases the industry to maximum effect
  • leading a strategy review aimed at providing members with an AVA that can support them through the current economic challenges

Andy says: “It is an honour to become Chairman of such a strong trade association for an industry in which I have spent the last 20 years and met many talented people.  We are facing some unprecedented economic challenges at the current time and new legislation affecting our industry is being proposed on a regular basis.  In this environment the role of the trade association is crucial in order to protect the interests of members and I am looking to ensure that the AVA, with personal involvement from as many individuals as possible, meets this challenge in my term in office”.