4 Aces provides perfect solution for office water bottle storage

The Aquastand is the latest addition to 4 Aces’  water cooler product range.

It is an efficient water bottle storage solution which enables office and facilities managers to save space, while still providing workers with the means to get immediate access to plentiful water supplies.

The modern and aesthetically pleasing design offers an improved alternative to other options and is expected to positively impact on customer loyalty and satisfaction for suppliers as it provides the perfect complementary accessory.

The Aquastand allows for a simple and effective water bottle storage system, which eliminates the common issue of bottle leakage and space constraints, offering operators, distributors and facilities managers the best option to keep offices looking neat and tidy and allowing for immediate access to water supplies.

Managing director of 4 Aces, Chris Penn, said: “There is a general interest in simple products and devices that can save space and allow for easy storage in the modern office. The Aquastand ticks all boxes, providing a unique solution for those who want to maintain an orderly working environment.”

The patent pending, blue stand weighs just 450g and can be used in conjunction with the standard five-litre water bottles. Available now, it sits along a full range of ancillary products that 4 Aces has sourced and developed for the water cooler industry in a bid to provide it with a one-stop shop.

The company’s exhaustive catalogue includes spill mats, bottle racks, cup dispensers and pumps, alongside the cups, cones, bottles and caps that currently make up the majority of sales. The full range is open to all operators, regardless of the size of the order, and is intended to provide 4 Aces’ customers with the most varied and cost-effective choice.