Making his presence felt at N&W

Vending giant N&W’s appointment of Craig Jukes to the role of Technical Director has proved a forerunner to changes in the company’s help desk support strategy.
“We’re responding to between four and five hundred calls to the help desk every week”, he explained, “so it’s clear that our customers depend upon their ability to get in touch with us when they need help, particularly when there’s an issue that’s beyond the experience of their own staff. Having taken soundings from our customers, we’ve decided to dispense with the lunchtime closure of the help desk in favour of maintaining a continuous service between 8.30 and 5”.
Although new to the vending sector, Craig pronounced himself ‘at home’ in his new environment. “I’m used to dealing with products whose names are three digit codes or three letter acronyms!” he joked.
He has set clear objectives for himself. “I want us to lead the market in terms of the attention to detail with which we approach every aspect of our business”, he said, “and I want customers to realise that we do everything we possibly can to provide them with the products and services they need to drive their businesses forward.”
During the next year, one of Craig’s major challenges will be to launch the much-anticipated Necta design line. He said: “My job will be to make sure that the new products are fit for purpose, surpass the requirements of our customers and operate with the maximum possible energy efficiency.”