• Coca-Cola European Partners Great Britain unveils new sustainable packaging strategy

    By Vending International on July 14, 2017
    Coca-Cola European Partners has unveiled its new GB sustainable packaging strategy – setting out an ambition for its GB business unit to work with local and national partners to recover all its packaging so that more is recycled and none ends up as litter. At present, only 70% of the cans and 57% of the plastic bottles used each year are recycled, […]
  • New Perfect Serve training and reward programme to support bar staff from Coca-Cola

    By Vending International on June 26, 2017
    Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is launching a new Perfect Serve programme to help licenced operators grow their soft drinks sales by confidently offering choice, delivering the perfect serve every time and knowing when to offer a second drink to drive transactions. With 15% of hospitality venue sales coming from soft drinks, the Coca-Cola Perfect Serve platform emphasises the importance of […]
  • Coke No Sugar is closer than ever to classic Coca-Cola taste

    By Vending International on June 19, 2017
    Coke No Sugar has launched in Australia after years of research to create the best tasting sugar-free Coke ever. President of Coca-Cola in Australia, Roberto Mercadé, said: “We wanted the experience of drinking Coke No Sugar to be as close as possible to the real thing. “That’s no small task when you consider the original has been cherished by consumers […]
  • Exclusive Lucozade bottles contained contactless technology

    By Vending International on June 12, 2017
    From May 30 to June 2, Lucozade offered 5,000 commuters travelling through Oxford Circus tube station one completely free journey using one specially-designed bottle of Lucozade Energy. The 5,000 bottles contained a contactless chip in the bottom and entitled users to one free journey on the underground when tapped on the oyster card reader. This offer kicked off Lucozade’s Find […]
  • Shoppers hugely misunderstand sugar tax

    By Vending International on May 24, 2017
    Retail experts Nielsen recently surveyed 539 adults from across the UK and found that the vast majority incorrectly think the sugar tax applies to far more products than just soft drinks. Eight in 10 of those surveyed were aware of a potential new sugar tax, but not one respondent correctly identified that the tax only applies to sugary soft drinks. […]
  • CCEP makes the switch to renewable energy in UK

    By Vending International on May 22, 2017
    Coca-Cola European Partners has started sourcing all of the electricity for its UK operations from renewable sources. By making the switch CCEP claims it is demonstrating its commitment to sustainable manufacturing across the whole of its UK operations. The news coincides with the launch of a solar farm at the Europe’s largest soft drinks factory in Wakefield. The solar farm […]
  • UK Soft Drinks Industry Conference focuses on opportunities for healthy innovation

    By Vending International on May 15, 2017
    This year’s UK Soft Drinks Industry Conference took place on May 11 and had a strong focus on the opportunities for healthy innovation. Attendees received a full update on market and consumer trends from Kantar and Zenith. Lucozade Ribena Suntory shared insights on reformulation, while health and sustainability was debated by speakers from Bristol University, INCPEN, Coca-Cola and the British […]
  • Coca-Cola to join the Government’s new industry taskforce on litter

    By Vending International on April 25, 2017
    Retailers, coffee shops and food and drinks manufacturers have been invited by the Government to join its new industry taskforce which will focus on finding ways of reducing the worst kinds of litter in England including plastic bottles and drinks containers, cigarette ends and fast food packaging. Although the expert group is yet to be finalised, Coca-Cola is the first […]
  • Public Health England publishes sugar reduction guidelines

    By Vending International on April 18, 2017
    Public Health England has reported that it will engage with all sectors of the food industry to reduce the amount of sugar in foods that contribute most to children’s intakes by 20% by 2020, with a 5% reduction in the first year. The initial focus will be on the top nine food categories that contribute the most to children’s sugar […]
  • Coca-Cola Life to be phased out of UK market

    By Vending International on April 11, 2017
    Coca-Cola Life is to be phased out of the UK market as it is revealed that Coca-Cola Great Britain is now selling one no sugar Coca-Cola for every Coca-Cola Classic sold. Coca-Cola Great Britain is accelerating its investment in Coca-Cola Zero Sugar as new data from Nielson shows that nine months after its launch that sales in grocery and convenience […]