New Products

  • 4 Aces unveils ‘tidy’ solution for table top market

    By Vending International on May 25, 2017
    4 Aces has launched its latest product, tailored specifically for the burgeoning table top, vending market – the white, fliptop cup dispenser. Designed to counter mess and hygiene issues when cups are left loose and scattered around the machines, the fliptop cup dispenser keeps cups tidy, dispensing them one by one, without fuss or danger of cross-contamination. The dispenser is […]
  • Kettle announces NPD

    By Vending International on October 28, 2016
    The launch of the new Kettle Veg Chips range aims to reinvigorate the Veg Chips sector and help operators maximise opportunity and drive new customers into the category. The Vegetable Crisps market is currently worth £15.3m but sales are down by 4.4% year on year. 14% of households currently buy into the category (vs 55% for premium potato crisps) highlighting […]
  • Barry Callebaut Beverages combats clogging with new smooth soup option

    By Vending International on October 3, 2016
    Barry Callebaut Beverages has introduced two new ‘smooth’ soups to its selection in a bid to counter clogging in machine canisters, which can be caused by soup with small vegetable pieces included. The decision to launch these new soups to the market is as a result of a number of operators contacting the leading beverage supplier to source their existing soups, […]
  • Sunmagic launches new Hydra Fizz range

    By Vending International on August 15, 2016
      Premium juice brand Sunmagic is launching a ‘Hydra Fizz’ range of children’s sparkling juice drinks as it continues to invigorate the back-to-school soft drinks market with healthier and more innovative school-compliant products. The Hydra Fizz range contains 50% fruit juice and is made using spring water, providing one of the recommended 5-a-day, and comes in six tasty, school-friendly flavours […]
  • Whitworths launches new no-added-sugar snack packs

    By Vending International on August 11, 2016
      Whitworths, a leading UK supplier of dried fruits, nuts and seeds, has released a new range of no-added-sugar snack packs – made using only the best fruit and including a new product: plump pears. The snack packs tap into the clean-eating market, as all products have no added sugar without compromising on taste. Consumers have a choice of eight […]
  • URBAN eat launches vegetarian & vegan range

    By Vending International on July 28, 2016
    British sandwich brand URBAN eat has unveiled a range of vegetarian and vegan products designed to revitalise the vegetarian food to go market. The URBAN eat ‘Roots’ range, approved by the Vegetarian Society, contains nine different sandwiches and wraps. The range will offer non meat-eaters a variety of fresh, multi-cultural cold eat options ranging from ‘The Beat Goes On’, a […]
  • Zeo awarded Sugarwise certification

    By Vending International on July 14, 2016
    The soft drink brand is the first to be certified by Sugarwise as containing total sugars less than 2.5g per 100ml, as per the Sugarwise ratings and WHO and EU regulations. Zeo sought the certification as part of a campaign to enable consumers to better understand and reduce their sugar consumption. Zeo’s range of natural low calorie soft drinks contain […]
  • Yumsh Snacks launches Tango-flavoured popcorn

    By Vending International on July 13, 2016
    Premium snack manufacturer Yumsh Snacks has combined their high quality popcorn with the tangy taste of Tango (trademark of Britvic Soft Drinks). Poptang is the only popcorn with Tango’s tangy fruit flavour fizz. It is also gluten, dairy, GMO and MSG free – as well as vegan and kosher. Tony Goodman, CEO of Yumsh Snacks, said: “Poptang is about to […]
  • Crane unveils Voce Icon at Vendex 2016

    By Vending International on June 1, 2016
    Crane Merchandising Systems has lifted the curtains on the newest member of the Voce family: Voce Icon. Voce Icon was shown in both fresh brew tea and espresso variants with a static top graphic as well as featuring an optional 21.5″ easy-to-use, USB friendly media screen. Both models offer backlit touch sensitive buttons to catch the eye of discerning coffee […]
  • Aimia launches lunch pots

    By Vending International on May 5, 2016
    The demand for quality, flavoursome food led to the development of the new Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s Lunch Pots from Aimia Foods, which are designed to be a lunchtime choice for consumers who want a nutritious meal, which they can heat in just 90 seconds. For operators with customers who want quality, tasty meals that they can grab and go, […]