• Barry Callebaut continues down path to 100% sustainability

    By Vending International on August 30, 2017
    Barry Callebaut Beverages UK is further strengthening its bid for 100% sustainable chocolate by 2025 with the news that parent company, Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading supplier of high quality chocolate, has joined sugarcane platform, Bonsucro. A global initiative, bringing together senior industry representatives to work on a sustainable cane sugar value chain, Bonsucro works to drive sustainable solutions for […]
  • Italian espresso in space, just like at home

    By Vending International on August 10, 2017
    Lavazza’s innovative ISSpresso machine was installed in the Space Station’s Node 1/Unity module on May 3, 2015 allowing European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti to become the first to drink espresso in a state of microgravity in history And now, the machine has welcomed the VITA space mission crew, led by Paolo Nespoli. The machine was created by Argotec and Lavazza in […]
  • Bensdorp Barista selection opens up the market for Barry Callebaut

    By Vending International on July 21, 2017
    Barry Callebaut Beverages has boosted sales with its range of Bensdorp’s Barista Single Origin Cocoa and Chocolate drinks, 12 months on from the original product launch date. The provenance drinks were introduced by the leading beverage manufacturer last year in a bid to mirror the artisanal positioning taken by leading coffee suppliers and to present the ultimate beverage for the […]
  • Lavazza signs new three-year deal with The Championships, Wimbledon

    By Vending International on July 6, 2017
    Lavazza has once again secured its position as the Official Coffee of The Championships, Wimbledon after signing a new three-year deal. The partnership, which began in 2011, will now run until 2019. To mark the occasion, Lavazza will welcome this year’s Global Ambassador to The Championships: tennis legend Andre Agassi. Celebrating 25 years since winning his first Grand Slam title […]
  • Sales surge for Barry Callebaut’s regal offering

    By Vending International on June 28, 2017
    Barry Callebaut Beverages UK has seen continued growth in sales of its Le Royal Kreemy choc drink, Le Royal Choco Green. The beverage has resumed its position as one of the sustainable hot beverages manufacturer’s most popular brands with high levels of repeat purchase, according to head of sales for Barry Callebaut Beverages UK, Paula Bentley. She said: “This is […]
  • Coffee innovator Matt Perger joins forces with Eversys

    By Vending International on June 15, 2017
    Champion barista; Barista Hustle founder; and coffee innovator, Matt Perger, is collaborating with Swiss coffee equipment company, Eversys, on its range of super automatic coffee machines. Mr Perger will work closely with Eversys to launch its new machine later this year. He will also work with the Swiss-based team and its customers worldwide to help them provide consistent quality in […]
  • Less sugar trends for Van Houten

    By Vending International on June 5, 2017
    The rise in enquiries for Dream Choco Drink, which is made from 50% less sugar and contains 24% cocoa, has come from vending providers and facilities managers overseeing busy sites, while café owners and managers operating with a younger clientele are also expressing a greater interest. Perhaps of greater appeal for those monitoring busier sites is that the higher yield […]
  • Over two thirds of workers believe better coffee means a better workplace

    By Vending International on May 22, 2017
    New research by UCC Coffee UK & Ireland has shown that over two thirds of workers believe high quality coffee makes the workplace a better place to be. Its survey of 750 consumers showed that coffee quality is more important than having a supply close at hand, with only one fifth of workers saying they prioritise convenience over quality. Consumers’ […]
  • Trend continues for the consummate hot chocolate

    By Vending International on May 11, 2017
    Barry Callebaut Beverages UK has seen a steady rise in sales of one of its premium brands, Van Houten. The Van Houten selection, which provides 26 variants of chocolate products including Fairtrade, low sugar and white chocolate, sits at the pinnacle of the company’s product range. It is renowned for providing an indulgent and authentic chocolate drink with a conscience, […]
  • Has the office become the new coffee shop?

    By Vending International on April 19, 2017
    The Office Coffee Company has published the results of a survey that show that the office could soon become the new coffee shop. The UK’s coffee addiction is growing, with 70 million cups being consumed every year, and now the coffee shop could now be taking a hit as employers step up their game to provide delicious, rich coffee at […]