BWCA to launch a series of hydration fact sheets

The British Water Cooler Association is launching a series of hydration fact sheets called Why Water Matters.

The first of these fact sheets, Why Water Matters for Hotels, reminds hotel management of the benefits offered by water coolers.

Why Water Matters for Hotels describes the importance of promoting healthy hydration for staff at both front and back of house. Offering guests the option of readily available water at key points in the building is also an inexpensive but useful amenity, the publication points out

Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, BWCA general manager, said: “Whether it’s keeping staff in the kitchen on top form, preventing receptionists from wilting, or ensuring a welcoming feel for guests in your spa or other public areas, having water coolers on the premises pays dividends.

“Failing concentration levels can lead to mistakes, headaches, irritability, lethargy, or just an overall lack of alertness as well as longer term and more serious health problems. For those working in the hotel kitchens or the grounds, for instance, a lapse in concentration can prove to be dangerous”.

The fact sheet gives advice on choosing the correct coolers for particular needs and locations.

It gives guidance on whether to choose a mains-fed or bottled water cooler for your particular requirements.

To receive the free fact sheet email with Water Matters for Hotels in the subject line.